700 series

Product description

Supply Thales ZPT-737 full chest cavity high frequency pulse sputum excretion system

Intelligent breathing and expectoration system

(Respiratory oscillation sputum excretion system, airway clearance system, automatic expectoration vest)

working principle :

The intelligent breathing and sputum system uses the "High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation" (HFCWO) technology, which sends out a pulse signal through the host to cause the Automated Spitting Vest (AutoVest®) to generate 300-500 high-frequency oscillations per minute to form a directional autonomous drainage force to promote Secretions from the respiratory tract and deep lung lobes relax, liquefy, fall off, and are easily excreted from the body.


1. Safe, stable and effective removal of sputum

2. Smart remote control, light and portable, simple and convenient operation

3. Replace traditional artificial assisted sputum discharge, making care easier

4. Reduce lung inflammation and complications

5. A variety of models are available, widely applicable to patients with various diseases

Applicable diseases:

Intelligent respiratory oscillation sputum discharge system has been used to treat more than 350 diseases and symptoms, including:

1. atelectasis

2. After surgery

3. Respiratory failure

4. Lung infection

5. Bronchiectasis

6. Myasthenia gravis

7. Ventilator dependence

8. After tracheotomy

9. Chronic bronchitis

10. Cystic fibrosis

Applicable departments:

ICU / CCU, Pediatrics, Respiratory, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Emergency Department, Geriatrics, Geriatrics, Occupational Diseases, Infectious Diseases

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